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C-sections and breech births

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2015 | Birth Injuries |

Many Florida mothers-to-be wish to deliver their children as naturally as possible. This often means having a vaginal birth. However, there are certain instances where the child may be in a breech position when the time comes, which could result in serious injuries to both the mother and child.

A breech birth means that the child is in a butt or legs first position instead of the normal head first position. In these particular cases, Canadian researchers have found that a cesarean section may be safer for the child, resulting in a reduced risk of serious or even life-threatening birth injuries.

Researchers associated with the Public Health Agency of Canada studied data from deliveries that occurred where the child was born in a breach position between 2003 and 2011. The subjects were divided into women who had delivered the babies naturally, women who had planned for a C-section and women who decided to have a C-section after they had already started giving birth. The babies who were born vaginally reportedly had 3.6 times the rate of injuries when compared against those who were delivered via a planned C-section. Children born via a C-section started after labor had injury rates that were 2.79 times higher than those born via planned C-section.

Although medical technology has advanced and it is now safer than ever to deliver a baby, birth injuries can still happen. If an obstetrician or doctor fails to notice signs that may indicate that the unborn child is in distress or fails to discuss the risks of a natural birth if the baby is in breech position, the family may want to discuss their potential avenues of legal recourse with a medical malpractice attorney.



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