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Our legals services could help individuals seek employment visas

On Behalf of | May 1, 2015 | Employment Immigration |

For those who are interested in immigrating to Florida or who want to work in the U.S., there are a number of legal issues that must be addressed. It is important for those who are interested in legal immigration or in work visas and those who want to start a business in Florida to have the help of an immigration attorney. Our firm may be able to help you understand the complex laws associated with moving to the U.S.

There are a wide range of legal options available to those who want to live and work in Florida. For example, E-1 treaty visas, H-1B professional visas and EB-5 investor visas are all available for individuals who are seeking entry into the U.S. L-1 visas also allow for transfers of workers from a foreign branch of a company to the U.S. Blanket L-1 visas that allow companies to bring over a large group of workers without filing an individual application for each person.

A good immigration attorney can offer a number of services both to individuals and corporate clients to help them understand the complex laws surrounding immigration as well as successfully apply for a visa. The services of an immigration attorney can include visa processing assistance for both resident and work-based visas, non-immigrant visas, temporary permits, regulation compliance, worksite enforcement, immigration program support and litigation when required.

If you would like to learn more about work-based immigration visas, our firm may be able to help. We may be able to provide you support throughout any immigration proceedings. For your convenience, we’ve gathered more information at our employment immigration page.



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