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Application for renewal of a green card

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2015 | US Immigration Law |

Some Florida residents may know that a green card signifies that its holder is a U.S. permanent resident and one who is able to lawfully reside in and work in this country. A green card serves as proof of one’s immigration status and must be renewed.

Some green cards are valid for 10 years. While it may be renewed after the expiration date, it is preferable to renew it in the six-month period before it expires. It is possible to file from within the United States to renew the card online using Form I-90 or using a paper Form I-90. Afterward, it is possible to check online or by telephone to see the application’s status. Some immigrants may have a conditional permanent resident card, which is valid for two years. In order to remain in the United States as a permanent resident, the holder must file an I-751 form at least 90 days before it expires asking that the conditions be removed. The conditional permanent resident card cannot be renewed.

In the event that a green card renewal is denied, it is not possible to appeal that decision. However, it is possible to file a motion with the office that denied it. This motion asks that the denial be reconsidered or reevaluated. The motion for reopening a green card application presents new information that would show the denial was incorrectly made based on current information. The motion must also demonstrate that the denial was made pursuant to an application of immigration law or policy that was incorrect.

A permanent or conditional resident may find that consulting with an attorney concerning the renewal of a green card might be beneficial. In addition, the attorney may help structure the motion to have a renewal application denial reopened.



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