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Recomendations for the treatment and management of concussions

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2015 | Brain Injuries |

When a resident of Florida suffers a concussion, certain steps can be taken in order to effectively treat the injury. In March of 2013, the American Academy of Neurology revised its guidelines for the management and evaluation of sports concussions.

Football and rugby pose the greatest risk for suffering concussions generally, while for women, the greatest risk is associated with basketball and soccer. The younger the athlete, the more conservatively the concussion should be managed; improvements in neurocognitive performance and symptoms take longer to come about in younger individuals.

If an athlete has had a concussion in the past, they are more likely to suffer another in the future. When licensed health professionals provide treatment for concussions, they should look into the individual’s history of concussions and also take the individual’s age and any ongoing symptoms into account. Symptoms include dizziness, memory impairment, sensitivity to light and noise, and concentration and attention problems.

There is no evidence showing that medication and absolute rest help with concussion recovery, but when an athlete suffers a concussion, they should nevertheless be immediately removed from play. The first ten days after suffering a concussion pose the highest risk for being diagnosed with another concussion. It is recommended that all symptoms be absent and extensive tests be performed before an athlete continues with sports and general physical activity.

Due to the many complications that can result from concussions, individuals may want to do everything they can to recover, which might include pursuing reimbursement if their injuries or symptoms may have resulted from medical malpractice or another form of negligence. By working with a legal professional who understands the finer points of personal injury law, injured individuals and their family members may be able to better understand their options for obtaining compensation.



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