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Motorcycle statistics: Injuries, deaths rising in Florida

On Behalf of | Jan 1, 2015 | Motorcycle Accidents |

In 2012, 4,957 motorcyclists were killed on the roads. That’s an increase of 7 percent from 2011. Additionally, an interesting statistic is that the use of helmets has not increased. The use of DOT-compliant helmets has remained at only 60 percent, despite the proof that they can reduce injury in the case of an accident. Helmets also reportedly do not hinder sight or hearing, which makes them vital for those on motorcycles.

Motorists are required to share the roads with motorcyclists in a safe manner. That means that a proper distance should be kept between cars and motorcyclists, and passing should be done safely. Drivers are also reminded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that they need to be extra aware of motorcyclists on the road to prevent accidents. That means double-checking the roads before turning and never turning in front of a motorcyclist, since they could be closer than they appear.

In 2012, there were 93,000 motorcyclists injured, according to the report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. That was a 15 percent increase from 2011. Motorcycles are defined as being mopeds, two- or three-wheeled motorcycles, scooters, mini bikes and pocket bikes. Interestingly, of all the vehicles represented by the statistics, 93 percent of those involved in crashes in 2012 were two-wheeled motorcycles.

As a motorcyclist, these statistics show that danger is still there on the roads. You could face catastrophic injuries if you’re struck, so taking care to protect yourself is wise. If you’re injured, you may want to look into your legal options, because you may be able to seek compensation for your injuries.

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