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On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2015 | Hospital Negligence |

Far too many people in Florida and around the country have been damaged as a result of the negligence of health care professionals and facilities. If you or a loved one has suffered such an occurrence, you may wonder where to turn in order to seek financial redress for those wrongs. We believe that in such an event, you deserve the right to pursue the maximum amount of compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages and the costs of any future medical care that may be required.

Our attorneys have experience litigating on behalf of a wide range of clients such as those who have suffered severe injuries to their organs, spinal cord or nerves during delicate, high-risk operations. We have achieved positive results in many cases through our practice of conferring with outside medical professionals from well-known institutions in order to obtain a depth and breadth of expert testimony for possible use at trial.

One past successful case, which resulted in the largest medical malpractice jury award even given in Florida at the time, involved a patient who became brain dead while undergoing surgery for his broken leg. Our firm overwhelmingly proved that the hospital and the anesthesiologist were liable when they failed to correctly monitor the patient during the procedure.

Our goal is to defend the rights of those who need effective and strong advocacy against negligent medical professionals and health care facilities. We believe such individuals should be fully compensated for damages such as medical expenses, income losses and pain and suffering. For more information about our law firm and the services that we can provide, you are invited to visit our page on medical malpractice.

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