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Seek compensation for maritime injuries and deaths in Florida

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2014 | Wrongful Death |

Have you been hurt on a boat or at a local marina? Maritime injuries, which are offshore injuries, require special legal knowledge. Whether you were working on a dock or working with a search party on a boat when you got your injury, you deserve to have the best representation for your case.

Cases involving off-shore injuries can be complicated, especially if someone was killed as a tourist or worker at sea. You may, as someone injured, be suffering from lacerations, bites or infections from sea water; you could have suffered brain trauma from drowning or dehydration from being out in the sun too long.

The Jones Act is an important federal law that you need to know about in Miami. It covers all maritime workers and tourists who are injured while offshore. Interestingly, this works differently than workers’ compensation, since that only covers employment injuries that happen on land. You will have to prove that your employer or ship owner was responsible for the injuries you suffered.

As a tourist, you may also be injured on a cruise ship or at a dock, so it’s important to understand that the person owning the property may be able to be held liable. Every case is different, so it’s wise to look at all the facts of the situation and to develop a plan of action that can help you win your case and compensation.

To learn more about maritime injuries and what you can do to seek compensation following an injury, visit our page on the Jones Act. Whether you’re a worker or a tourist, you have a right to seek the money you need to cover your care, lost wages, and other needs.



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