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Ocala fatal hit-and-run might warrant wrongful death claim

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2012 | Wrongful Death |

Accidents on Florida’s roadways can result in severe injury and even death. Drivers leaving the scene of a car accident without providing contact information or contacting authorities may face additional charges if caught and found responsible for the accident or negligent in their actions. An Orlando woman was arrested after allegedly leaving the scene of an accident recently that killed two and injured two on I-75 in Florida.

The accident occurred on Dec. 2 at approximately 2:40 a.m. Authorities describe events this way. They say a 25-year-old Orlando woman’s small car struck the rear of another small car being driven by a 34-year-old man. The collision caused the man to lose control of his vehicle. It hit a center dividing guardrail and caromed back into oncoming traffic. The man and his 10-year-old daughter escaped the vehicle before it was struck by an oncoming tractor-trailer.

Sadly, his 35-year-old wife and 12-year-old son had become trapped and died in the fiery crash.

Police claim that the Orlando woman was tracked down and taken into custody about 20 miles further north and at last word was being held in the Marion County Jail. Charges against her include driving without a proper license and leaving the scene of a fatal accident.

In this particular accident, the father and daughter suffered minor injuries. The mother and son, as noted, were killed. Anyone who is injured in a car accident or who loses loved ones in a crash has rights and options for seeking compensation under the law. Learning the scope of those options and the possible means of compensation for the undue costs that can be incurred is best done through consultation with experienced legal counsel.

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