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December 2011 Archives

Charter boat sinking causes death in Florida Keys

The sinking of a charter boat in the Florida Keys earlier this month resulted in the drowning death of a 36-year-old female passenger who became trapped in the cabin as the vessel went down. Seven other occupants of the boat survived. The maritime accident is being investigated to see if any negligent or reckless conduct caused the woman's wrongful death.

Congress considers agricultural immigration reform, P. 2

A number of lawmakers on Capitol Hill have been considering a variety of proposals aimed at reforming business immigration laws in the agricultural industry. In the last post, this blog discussed several immigration reform ideas that have been circulating among lawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives. Measures aimed at reforming non-immigrant visas for agricultural workers are also being considered in the Senate.

Tragic death of Florida A&M student ruled a homicide

College has long been the setting of hazing and initiation rituals. Most commonly seen in the fraternity and sorority settings, initiations have run the gamut from "fun" to fatal. The student from Florida A&M who was fatally beaten by his fellow band members was one of the tragic victims of this tradition.

Congress considers agricultural immigration reform, P. 1

Immigration issues surrounding business and employment continue to make news as lawmakers struggle with the economic crisis. U.S. immigration law allows temporary work visas for seasonal agricultural workers under the H-2A visa classification. The visas are a form of non-immigrant work visas. A number of federal proposals are being bandied about in Congress seeking to reform the nation's agricultural visas.

The scoop: Popular kitchen tool recalled

One of the most popular traditions of the holiday season is for families and friends to come together and eat. All across Florida, people will be enjoying some delicious food and maybe topping it off with some dessert. Just be careful with that ice cream scoop.

Some states seek new tactics in wave of federal immigration litigation

Legal battles over individual state immigration laws seem to be becoming more commonplace. This blog recently reported that on state law on immigration will go before the United States Supreme Court this term. Governor Rick Scott previously said that he intends to seek an immigration law in Florida next term, although the details about the total scope of what that may involve remain sketchy.

Women charged with injecting Florida women with toxic mixtures

In a person's quest to achieve a better physical appearance, some can go to extremes. A licensed doctor will typically be able to fairly assess the efficacy and safety of a requested procedure before proceeding, but when a doctor is not actually a doctor their actions can be dangerous and sometimes deadly. The victims of this medical malpractice may never know what went wrong.

Florida to possibly ban texting behind the wheel

Recently, the National Transportation Safety Board released a recommendation to ban cell phone use while driving nationwide. While Florida has yet to ban the arguably dangerous act of texting and driving, legislation outlawing the practice could be coming down the pipe soon.

Lawmaker seeks to introduce immigration bill for STEM fields

Lawmakers seem particularly fond of attaching catchy acronyms to proposed measures in Congress. One freshman Congressman recently used some levity to announce his efforts to propose a measure in the U.S. House as early as the end of January. The Arkansas Representative was speaking at a gathering called together to discuss the emerging trend of "reverse brain drain" from the U.S. and the measure he hopes to introduce has caught the eye of business and employment immigration attorneys across the nation, including Florida immigration lawyers.

Supreme Court accepts review of state immigration law

This blog has reported a number of stories on federal challenges to state immigration laws. The federal challenges first erupted after Arizona passed immigration laws that, among other things, require immigrants to obtain or carry immigration papers and allow police in that state to arrest an undocumented immigrant without a warrant. A federal appellate court halted a number of the provisions of the Arizona law. Arizona's immigration law will be the focus of argument in the United States Supreme Court.

Woman suffers fatal fall from cruise ship deck

A cruise should be a relaxing and exciting experience. Many Miami residents and tourists take cruises every year to get away and enjoy a vacation. When a vacation takes a tragic turn, however, it can be devastating. A woman was involved in a fatal cruise ship accident last week and her boyfriend suffered injuries as well.

Some lawmakers have second thoughts over Alabama immigration law

Last month, this blog recounted the story of a Mercedes-Benz executive being arrested in one of Florida's neighboring states under the state immigration law. The turmoil in Alabama over the state immigration law was roiled further when a Honda worker visiting the state was stopped in Alabama. Now, news reports indicate that many lawmakers who pushed for the immigration law are back-pedaling on the measure.

In-flight meal may have caused the death of a Florida man

Some people love to complain about airlines. Lines are long, flights are delayed and fares are too expensive. These are just some of the annoyances that can come with air travel. However, one Florida family claims that an in-flight meal actually caused the wrongful death of a man. They are suing American Airlines and the catering company for more than $1 million in damages.

USCIS expands crackdown on fraudulent 'notarios' nationwide

The federal government has announced it has begun its crackdown on immigration scams nationwide. In March, this blog reported that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services was planning a crackdown on individuals that act as fake immigration attorneys. The agency began a pilot program involving seven cities earlier this year. Officials announced last week that the pilot program will now be expanded nationwide. Miami immigration attorneys are aware that immigration services scams can prove costly for those taken in by the fraud, and when a scam fails to deliver on its promises, can leave an immigrant steered into the wrong direction.

Florida accident prompts latest Honda recall expansion

Getting an unsafe product out of the hands of consumers is extremely important. It becomes especially urgent when the defective or dangerous product is one that should be protecting people. Honda recently announced that they are expanding the recall of certain Honda models due to faulty air bags that can fatally injure drivers.

Florida woman's face catches on fire during surgery

A visit to the doctor for a routine procedure should be quite uneventful. When something goes wrong, however, it can be quite frightening. If a doctor is negligent or careless mistakes are made, the patient can suffer the devastating consequences. In a case of medical malpractice, it is vital to hold offenders accountable so that other patients will not have to go through the same experience.

US House passes immigration measure on 389 to 15 vote

Tuesday the United States House passed an immigration measure lifting the per country cap on family-based visas from seven to 15 percent. The measure also would affect employment-based visas by eliminating the seven percent per country cap on the roughly 140,000 visas set aside for employment.

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