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August 2011 Archives

Prominent Florida chef killed in fatal car accident

For many people in Naples, Florida, a recent car accident took the life of a prominent figure in the catering industry. The woman, a chef known for her unique take on cooking and propensity for throwing small, high-end parties, was killed after her car was struck by a pick-up truck at an intersection.

Federal study could shed light on common cruise ship illness

Researchers all over the country are scrambling to learn more about the cruise ship illness human norovirus. A $25 million grant to research foodborne illnesses has been divided up among a number of research groups throughout the country, including universities and hospitals.

Governor Scott to seek Florida immigration bill in 2012

As states, the federal government and the courts wrangle with a record number of new state immigration laws, Florida Governor Rick Scott says he believes the legislature will come to terms with a Florida law in 2012. Governor Scott said Friday he will continue to pursue a Florida measure to crack down on undocumented immigrants in Florida.

Experts say U.S. political asylum laws may be outdated

News articles in recent months tell stories of state immigration laws and challenges, proposals for immigration reform related to DREAM Act ideas or employment-based immigration issues and stories of deportation. Certainly, many Florida immigration stories center on the same issues. An interesting story ran in a Texas newspaper quoting a number of experts who say the current state of the law regarding asylum in the United States is out of date.

A Sheriff's Office in Florida sued in pepper spray wrongful death

A woman has recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit against a Florida county's Sheriff's Office after the death of her husband more than two years ago. She believes that members of the Lee County Sheriff's Office were negligent in using pepper spray that resulted in her husband's death.

Immigration shifts policy in deportation cases

The Obama administration announced Thursday it will review roughly 300,000 pending deportation cases on a case-by-case basis and allow a number of immigrants to remain in the country. The change in policy will shift the focus of removal hearings heard in immigration courts to those cases that the Department of Homeland Security believes are of the highest priority.

Florida consumers beware: contaminated beef recalled

Beef that may be contaminated with E. coli bacteria can cause illness in people who consume the beef. In that situation, it can be a dangerous product to consumers. Just recently, a meat distributor has recalled beef that is believed to be contaminated.

Immigration detains woman on Greyhound bus in Florida

Agents from U.S. Customs and Border Protection reportedly are stepping up checks for undocumented immigrants on Greyhound buses and Amtrak trains. The ID checks reportedly have not received due attention in the public media, until now. The Miami Herald reports a 19-year-old woman, bound for South Florida, was detained after border patrol agents boarded her Greyhound bus in Pompano Beach.

Two people injured in multi-vehicle accident on Florida highway

It can happen in a matter of moments: a car crash. There are a number of different ways that a car accident can occur. It could be the result of a driver under the influence of alcohol or someone who is simply not paying attention. Whatever the cause, a car accident can cause serious personal injury and property damage.

ICE releases man facing deportation, has six months to seek green card

A father of three U.S. Citizens who came to the United States on a tourist visa 25-years ago has been given six months to fight for another opportunity to obtain his green card. The man was facing deportation to his home country of Poland when his family learned he would be released "on humanitarian grounds.

Florida medical malpractice leads to Board of Medicine discipline

When a physician makes a mistake on a patient, the case goes before the state's Board of Medicine. This is just one way that the medical professional is held responsible for his or her actions. Just recently, two doctors in Florida have been disciplined by the Florida Board of Medicine for their negligence in separate medical malpractice cases.

Wrongful death claim filed against Volusia County for beach death

A Florida family has spent the last year dealing with the death of their little boy after he was hit by a truck while playing on the beach. Following the accident, Florida Highway Patrol completed an investigation and decided not to press charges against the truck driver.

Feds cancel state Secure Communities agreements, with no change

The Obama administration announced Friday it is cancelling its agreements with roughly 40 states related to the Secure Communities program. A number of states, and local law enforcement agencies, raised concerns with the controversial program saying it can harm relationships and local law enforcement efforts to control crime.

Dangerous fuel product severely burns Florida woman

Unfortunately, consumers may not be aware that a product is dangerous until an accident happens. An incident can raise concern over whether the product is in fact dangerous or whether it was a one-time occurrence. If there are multiple reports of accidents or injuries, the product is often recalled and pulled off the market.

Immigration announces employment visa policy changes

The federal government is taking some action to make it a little easier for immigrant entrepreneurs to qualify for permanent residency in the United States. The action is not through passage of new laws, but rather through clarifications in a number of employment-based visa programs.

Car accident dispute heats up for former Miami basketball player

Last month, a multi-car accident occurred resulting in a former Miami Heat basketball player being charged with fleeing the scene of a crash. Initially, two vehicles got into an accident when one rear ended the other, spinning the first car into the median. Shortly after, a sports car driven by the former Miami Heat player, Alonzo Mourning, collided with the two cars in the initial crash.

Justice Department sues over state immigration law

During the last legislative session and after contentious debate, Florida lawmakers did not pass an immigration bill. So far, however, fiver other states have enacted legislation aimed at immigration issues. The Justice Department filed a lawsuit Monday challenging a state immigration law due to take effect September, 1, in our neighboring state of Alabama.

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