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January 2011 Archives

Could makers of faulty pool alarms be liable for kids drowning?

There are many devices that people use to prevent injuries or even fatal accident when it comes to using a product. But what happens if that device is faulty or defective?

Could makers of faulty pool alarms be liable for kids drowning?

There are many devices that people use to prevent injuries or even fatal accident when it comes to using a product. But what happens if that device is faulty or defective?

Tallahassee debates immigration bill for Florida

The debate continues in Tallahassee regarding certain immigration related issues. Florida Governor Rick Scott seeks to have an Arizona-style immigration bill become law across the state. The agriculture and tourism industries in Florida, however, say such a measure would harm the state's economy.

Will mental evaluations lower the number of physician errors?

When someone is responsible for your safety, you want to make sure that they are in fact capable of doing that. For example, pilots of commercial airlines are required to take physical and mental assessments every 6 months starting from a certain age. Because they are responsible for the lives of everyone on their aircraft, they are evaluated on a consistent basis.

Former National Guard soldier fights deportation

A former National Guard soldier on the west coast is challenging an adverse ruling for citizenship and defending against deportation. The 37-year-old Pakistani national came to the United States in 2000. The man joined the National Guard in March 2001. In 2003, while training for deployment in Iraq, the guardsman suffered a back injury. He was never deployed to Iraq.

Florida Car Accident Leaves Van Hanging Over 150 Foot Bank

A car accident that occurred outside of Orlando, Florida, in Oviedo left one dead and five others injured. The incident occurred early this morning and halted traffic for the next four hours.

Proposed Florida Immigration Bill Causes Concern Among Laborers

Each day in Florida hundreds of laborers, many from Latin America, gather in parking lots and along streets. They wait; hoping that contractors or people needing work done around their homes will offer to hire them for a day or two.

Is Birthright Citizenship The Next Immigration Law Target?

Immigration reform has been on the public consciousness for some time now. Last year, an effort to pass the DREAM Act failed, while Arizona passed a controversial anti-immigration state law. Now it appears the 14th Amendment may be the subject for some politicians. Last April, a California politician pushing for Congress to act on immigration, suggested that children of undocumented immigrants should be deported with their parent until the birthright controversy is sorted out.

Boy Fatally Shot by Border Patrol, Family Sues for Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one in a fatal accident can be devastating, especially if the cause of the accident is unknown. What can be even worse is when the fatal accident is caused by the negligence of another, whether that is an individual or a corporation. If a death is caused by the negligence of another, family members of the victim can sometimes file a wrongful death lawsuit.

CBO: Family Ties Leads Those Granted Permanent U.S. Residency

A recent report from the Congressional budget Office says that 1.1 million individuals were granted green cards in 2009. The government gives green cards to individual granted permanent admission to the country.

Johnson & Johnson Recalls Millions of Packages of Medication

In many cases, when people hear the phrase "product liability" they think of dangerous products like motor vehicles or heavy machinery. But product liability can apply to any type of product that could endanger a consumer.

Florida Senate Begins Anti-Immigration Bill Hearings

The chief Florida Senate sponsor of a proposed Arizona-style anti-immigration bill has expressed reservations about the measure. Florida Senator Mike Bennett has expressed concerns over the provision in the bill that parallels Arizona "reasonable suspicion" standard of triggering an investigation of a person's immigration status.

Norovirus to Blame for Sick Cruise Ship Passengers

As mentioned before, cruises are typically meant to be relaxing vacations. For many it is the perfect getaway: a view of the ocean every day and the mobility to visit different destinations without having to do any driving.

Increases In Deportation Leads To Increase In Legal Action Plans

This blog has reported stories regarding the increase in deportation efforts and goals that immigration officials have set for 2011. Many undocumented immigrants have grown nervous about the increased enforcement and have decided to draft legal documents that spell out what should happen to their families and assets should they be deported.

English Couple Misses Visa Renewal Deadline, Told To Leave U.S.

A couple from England began visiting Florida for their vacation around 20 years ago. They enjoyed the state immensely and decided as they approached retirement to move to Florida on a more permanent basis. The couple bought a home in Holiday and began looking to purchase a business.

Heart Implant Devices Could Lead to Complications for Some

Typically people go see a doctor in order to treat an injury. The last thing that a patient wants is to suffer a serious injury because of a doctor or hospital staff member. However, there are some situations where patients are injured because of things like negligence, misdiagnosis, and surgeon error. The consequences can be deadly for the patient.

Semi Truck Crash Kills Two, Injures Four More in Florida

Any motor vehicle accident that involves a semi truck often has devastating results. Yesterday was no exception after a multi-vehicle crash in Palm Bay, Florida. Two cars and a pickup truck were struck by a semi on the highway.

Demand For H-1B Employment Visas Sags

There is strong evidence that technology companies in the United States are beginning to increase their payrolls. Moody's Analytics conducted research that says high tech companies in the U.S. added 47,000 new jobs in the first three quarters of 2010. That compares to a drop of 46,000 jobs in 2008, and 196,000 jobs lost in the sector in 2009.

Jupiter, Florida, Hotel and Marina Project Approved Under EB-5 Program

The developer of a $150 million hotel and marina project along Jupiter Florida's waterfront has turned to the federal government's EB-5 financing program as a source of funding. The tough economy has made venture capital and bank loans difficult for many development projects. The Jupiter "Harbourside" development received approval from the Department of Homeland Security in September to proceed as an EB-5 Regional Center.

Florida Woman's Death Could be Linked to Her Electronic Massager

In the past, back and neck massagers have been recalled mostly because they posed some sort of fire hazard. One massager from another country was recalled after women in that country were accidentally strangled by the cord. These dangerous products were taken off the market to protect consumers.

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