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April 2013 Archives

Florida man killed in US 192 motorcycle accident

A Florida man lost his life after being injured in a two-vehicle crash on Monday, April 8. The motorcycle accident took place on US 192 in Melbourne.A 51-year-old West Melbourne woman was headed south on Nina Jean Drive in a 1990 Ford Probe. She was trying to cross US 192 when she came into the path of a 2002 Honda motorcycle that was headed east in the highway's outer lane. The man driving the motorcycle took evasive action and attempted to slow down by using the brakes, which sent the bike skidding into the side of the Ford Probe.

What help is offered to children in deportation proceedings?

While the United States prides itself on the fact that everyone has the right to an attorney when accused of a crime, it's surprising for many people in Florida to learn that this right does not apply to undocumented or unauthorized migrants across the country. The justice system can be overwhelming to say the least, and when the complications of state and federal laws get thrown into the mix, immigrants can often times feel like they are fighting a losing battle.

Four killed in head-on collision with suspect fleeing police

Four people have been left dead, and a man who had been fleeing from the police was injured after a crash in southern Florida early on April 3. The car accident took place south of Fort Lauderdale on Interstate 95. The deceased victims were all passengers in a single minivan. The Florida Highway Patrol is reporting that the collision was caused when a fleeing suspect got onto Interstate 95 and began heading north in the southbound lane of the interstate. The suspect had been running from police in a sport utility vehicle until he collided with a minivan around Hallendale Beach Boulevard. There were no survivors in the struck minivan.

Rubio backs immigration bill despite previous concerns

Despite his previous concerns with the immigration bill when it was first being drafted, Florida Rep. Marco Rubio has recently offered his full endorsement for the new legislation that could soon offer the undocumented immigrants in the U.S. a pathway to citizenship.

37-year-old man faces charges in 4 deaths

A 37-year-old Florida man was ticketed for careless driving after the Florida Highway Patrol recently decided that he caused a January wreck that killed four people. His car hit another car, which then hit an SUV into a lake off the highway. A mother, her daughter, her nephew and her step-sister lost their lives in the fatal accident. He could be fined up to $1,000, receive possible work-order hours and have his license suspended for a year.The family had been shopping and was returning home when the accident occurred. All family members died on the scene or within days at medical facilities. Emergency workers didn't realize that one of the victims was still in the car; she drowned in the lake and was located the next day.

Could Americans see immigration reform in the up-coming weeks?

The end of March was supposed to be the self-imposed deadline the "Gang of Eight" gave for having a completed immigration reform bill. But with the nation fast moving into the third week in April, it's clear that this deadline has been pushed back. But as Sen. John McCain explained to reporters recently, he believes that he and the remaining legislators may have finally ironed out all of the kinks and are almost ready to present the proposed bill to Congress.

Workers on employment visas afraid to report work-related injuries

There has been a huge push in the last few decades towards improving working conditions and making them safer for workers. With newer health codes and even new laws that protect whistleblowers, it would seem that at this day in age, few employees should ever fear losing their job if they report unsafe working conditions.

6 people involved in 3-car Florida crash

On March 20, a 21-year-old driver was involved in a head-on collision after he lost control of his vehicle while driving south on Highway 27 in Winter Haven, veered onto the other side of the highway and rammed into an SUV in the oncoming lane of traffic. Another northbound car also hit both vehicles. The reasons for the car accident are still unknown. An adult, unnamed female, a front-seat passenger in the vehicle that caused the accident, died at the scene. The driver sustained injuries and was also transported to a local medical facility. Each of the other vehicles also had two occupants; the SUV contained a 39-year-old woman and her 16-year-old son, and the third vehicle involved contained an 81-year-old man and his 79-year-old wife. All four individuals were transported to medical facilities for treatment. The extent of the injuries of the five people is not known.

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