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Car involved in Florida hit-and-run positively identified

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2012 | Car Accidents |

Police are working through an investigation into a tragic hit-and-run accident that occurred earlier this year in March. The accident left two families devastated and searching for answers as to who was responsible for the car accident that left one 14-year-old girl injured and another 14-year-old girl dead.

It has been months since the accident occurred, but police are still looking for clues as to what, and who, caused the accident. They know that the two girls were walking down a road in DeLand, Florida, when they were hit by a car. Without stopping to help the victims, the driver of the car sped off to avoid responsibility.

Two days after the accident, police reportedly received a call by an unknown caller who told them that the car involved in the crash was at an impound lot. The police followed up and located the car, which had damage to its front end and windshield. After further investigation and testing, the police were recently able to positively identify the car as the one that hit the two teens. They released this information this week after they were able to confirm that DNA found on the car matched the two girls.

The owner of the car has been identified as a 50-year-old Florida woman. Despite the months of investigation, police still cannot confirm who was driving the car at the time. While the owner of the car has been named a person of interest in the investigation, no charges have been filed against anyone yet.

This can be one of the most difficult times for car accident victim and families who have lost a loved one because of a reckless hit-and-run driver. An investigation can take time, but ultimately it is important to properly identify the person who so carelessly caused, and then fled from, an accident. Often, these drivers care more about not getting caught for drunk driving or driving without a license, for example, than they do about helping the people they hurt. For this reason, they leave the accident scene and hope they do not get caught. With sophisticated technology and a variety of investigatory tools, however, police and legal teams can track them down to hold them accountable for the damage and destruction they have caused.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, “FHP identifies vehicle that killed teen in hit-and-run,” Henry Pierson Curtis, Sept. 13, 2012

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