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January 2012 Archives

At least 10 fatalities in massive pileup on Interstate 75

What started as a smaller, three-car crash on Interstate 75 just south of Gainesville, Florida, turned into a fatal catastrophe this weekend. At least 10 people were killed in a massive pileup on the Interstate that involved a series of motor vehicle accidents.

Public access to Florida physician records greatly restricted

Florida patients are being kept in the dark regarding medical malpractice histories and physician licensing. Thanks to a number of legal statutes and federal laws, hospitals in Florida have been able to operate in an environment where mistakes may be hidden from the public. Additionally, the credentials and licensing of physicians are well-protected by the hospitals. Without access to this information, there is a risk that a patient may be the victim of medical malpractice or negligence.

Caffeine drinks lead to teen's death

Energy drinks are a popular choice for many Florida residents who need a boost in energy. However, many do not realize the danger than is associated with these drinks. Because these drinks are classified as dietary supplements, they are not regulated by the FDA. Therefore, the companies who distribute them can potentially put a dangerous product on the market with little regulation.

Several 2012 Florida immigration measures filed in Tallahassee, P. 2

Immigration issues have been a hot-button topic at both the state and federal levels across the country. In the last post, this blog began a discussion of issues being considered in Florida this year related to immigration law. The discussion continues, with a look at several measures related to higher education in Florida.

Florida cracking down on negligent medical professionals

After several years of being ranked among a handful of states that have the fewest serious penalties against doctors, Florida is getting tough on doctors who are negligent. In the past two years already, disciplinary actions against doctors have risen significantly. The crackdown is focusing on doctors who commit medical malpractice leading to death.

After I-9 compliance audit, Chipotle exec seeks immigration reform, P. 2

In the last post, this blog began a discussion about the aftermath of the Chipotle restaurant chain's I-9 audit, where immigration officials reportedly found hundreds of workers who may not have had proper employment eligibility verification documentation.

After I-9 compliance audit, Chipotle exec seeks immigration reform, P. 1

Last year, immigration officials conducted a number of so-called "silent raids" on businesses across the country. A silent raid involves an audit of a company's I-9 compliance records as opposed to physical raids on a location. This blog reported stories on each type of raid in previous posts, including the employment eligibility verification audit of Chipotle restaurants and an ICE raid at the Lake Nona Veteran's Hospital.

Travelers wary after tragic cruise ship accident

The devastating cruise ship accident in Italy last week is still being investigated and likely will be for some time. While rescue efforts continue, the cruise ship industry as a whole has immediately suffered. The fact that many passengers were injured and may still be missing as a result of the crash has made a number of future cruise ship passengers rethink their travel plans.

Mother and son reunited after long immigration process

In 2004, a Vietnamese woman came to the United States looking for a better life for her and her son. She arrived on a fiancée visa, engaged to marry a Vietnamese American. Unfortunately, she left her son behind with his biological father. She says "it was an ordeal" for her to come to the U.S. without her son at the request of the boy's father, but she had great hopes for the future.

Tragic death in Florida jail spotlights negligence

Several violations of constitutional rights may have led to the tragic and wrongful death of a man in a Florida jail. The full extent of these violations and validity of reports are still under investigation, but the negligence and physical abuse exhibited in this case has been widely reported.

Obama administration names Munoz to head domestic policy

President Obama Tuesday named a former immigration advocate as his top advisor on domestic policy. The president appointed his senior aide, Cecelia Munoz, to head the Domestic Policy Council. Munoz replaces Melody Barnes, who left the White House position last year.

Registering children's products could save lives

Most Florida parents would do anything to keep their children safe. They buy the safest cars, carefully monitor foods children eat, and teach them not to talk to strangers. From crossing the street to limited Internet exposure, a parent has much to worry about in terms of protecting children. When it comes to unsafe products, however, parents may be neglecting one of the easiest steps in safety.

Government official says family immigration rule change is coming

The Obama Administration is reportedly considering a change in the waiver rules to allow undocumented immigrant spouses and children of U.S. citizens who are in the U.S. to spend more time with their citizen relatives while seeking legal status. The news about the new rule spread Thursday after a senior government official commented about the proposal. The official has not been identified in the media.

ICE deports 14-year-old U.S. citizen without checking her identity

A 14-year-old United States citizen grew distraught in 2010 after her grandfather died and her parents divorced. The young teenager ran away from home. The teenager's grandmother tried everything she could think of in an effort to locate her granddaughter. She spent nights on the Internet, hoping to find a clue as to the whereabouts of her runaway granddaughter. Local police in the grandmother's hometown eventually helped to locate the young runaway U.S. citizen.

Woman with suspended license causes three-car accident

Drivers who knowingly disobey the law can be very dangerous. In many cases, a reckless driver can have his or her license and driving privileges revoked. It is then assumed that the driver will stay off the roads. This is unfortunately not always the case. Some people continue to drive with a suspended license and are putting others in danger.

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