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KKTP Immigration Review Blog

Welcome to the KKTP Immigration Review Blog, the official case law blog of KKTP, and Immigration Review!

Nowadays, immigration law seems to change every day. One way the law changes is through new decisions, published by federal appeals courts in the United States every day. Some of these decisions can be as long as 50 pages but they’re really important to know! In fact, that’s why the Founder of KKTP’s immigration department, Ira Kurzban, wrote the most trusted Sourcebook in Immigration!

In addition, and to give our clients the most up-to-date information, a Partner at KKTP, Kevin A. Gregg, hosts a weekly podcast called Immigration Review. Every Monday, Kevin publishes a new episode where he reviews all of the past week’s published immigration cases—summarizing the decisions, providing practice pointers, and giving tips to help our clients and attorneys all over the United States!  The Immigration Review podcast is available at the link below, for free. We hope you enjoy!


One last thing, we know that not everyone has time to listen to a 30-minute podcast, so KKTP has also created a blog to go along with each Immigration Review episode! Below, you will find all immigration case rulings, beginning in May 2020. And each week, an attorney at KKTP will go even further, diving deeper into a specific case that we believe might be particularly important to our clients. We hope you enjoy!



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