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How to sponsor a fiancé

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2022 | Immigration |

Immigration can be a complicated process, but your willingness to sponsor your fiancé can make it considerably easier for them to make the move. There are still several layers of bureaucracy to overcome though, so you may wonder how exactly you can sponsor your fiancé to come to the United States.

After you succeed in bringing your fiancé into the country and finalizing your marriage, they may finally be eligible to apply for their own permanent resident status. You must meet certain requirements as the sponsor before that process can begin.

Petition for a K-1 visa

Sponsoring your fiancé’s move to the States begins by filing a petition for a K-1 visa. A solid petition will include proof of your relationship with your fiancé, and you must also declare your intent to marry within 90 days. A successful claim also provides evidence of your ability to financially support your fiancé and that they will not rely on government assistance.

Meet the income requirements

You must meet certain income requirements to prove that you can support your fiancé throughout their temporary residency. This requirement refers to federal poverty guidelines, and you may need to submit proof of income documents and your federal tax return as evidence that you meet those guidelines. In the event that your fiancé does rely on financial assistance from the government, it is your responsibility as the sponsor to reimburse any expenses.

It is important for your fiancé to remember to adjust their immigration status after marriage. Be aware that the process of receiving a green card may require additional sponsorship.



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