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What are the most common serious injuries in Florida

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2021 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury |

Car crashes are unfortunately a common occurrence, as we all are in or around cars daily. The state of Florida has approximately 400,000 car accidents each year.

When you are in a collision, you are likely to suffer damages. Here, we outline the most common serious injuries in the Sunshine State.


Often, people experience whiplash after a car accident. This painful injury happens as a result of your neck moving quickly back and forth upon impact. It involves damage to your soft tissue, tendons and muscles. Whiplash can be severe with long-term effects. Consult a medical professional after an accident to examine any neck stiffness, pain or decreased range of motion.

Back Injuries

Many Florida accident victims suffer from spine or back injuries. If the collision’s impact throws your upper body forward, you could obtain a spinal fracture. Other common back injuries include herniated discs, burst fractures and spondylolisthesis.

Broken Bones

The blunt force of a car crash can break your bones. Sometimes, it is obvious you have broken a bone, but other times, it may not be as clear. It is crucial to have a thorough examination by a doctor to check for any fractured ribs, internal bleeding or organ damage.


You can receive a concussion even if you do not physically hit your head on something. This type of injury can occur due to your head moving back and forth during the crash. Concussions can be serious injuries with potential complications. If you experience severe consequences, you may want to file a legal claim to recover the compensation you deserve.

Many serious injuries can result from Florida car accidents. It is essential to record any symptoms or damages and seek immediate medical attention following a crash.



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