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How do you hire foreign workers?

On Behalf of | May 23, 2020 | Employment Immigration |

So, you found some talent overseas. Congratulations — now it is time to get that person on your team. 

This article will look at the steps you should take in order to legally bring foreign workers to your company. Keep in mind that this is only general information, and that different types of contracts might require some special procedures. 

Basic requirements 

As explained by the Department of Labor, there are basically three steps to on-boarding your foreign workers. They are, generally: 

  • Getting DOL certification 
  • Petition immigration for a visa 
  • Help complete the worker’s personal requirements 

As you might expect, this is not as easy as a simple bulleted list might make it seem. Each of the steps tells several processes and requirements, completing one is not an automatic guarantee you will be successful in the others. Crunching some numbers at the beginning would probably be in everyone’s best interests. In any case, here is a brief look at each stage. 

DOL certification 

A foreign labor certificate from the DOL means that you understand and are willing to comply with various labor laws. These regulations intend to regulate the labor market, ensuring that there are always opportunities for Americans. 

Visa petition and verification 

As an employer, you would need to coordinate with the US Citizen and Immigration Services to get a visa for your foreign worker. Sponsoring a visa for someone who is currently overseas usually takes some time and carries a risk of denial. You can also verify the work status of current visa holders, which is considerably less involved. 

Personal requirement assistance 

Foreign workers might need some help navigating the complex system of immigration and tax law. You generally cannot do everything yourself, but it is usually possible to complete all requirements efficiently by strategically communicating with your prospective employee. 

Whether you need extra assistance for a project for you are considering expanding your hiring practices, the law should allow you to secure the foreign talent you need. With an efficient, results-focused approach, you should be able to control on-boarding costs and maximize the value of your investment. 



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