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Proposed constitutional amendment about immigration under attack

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2018 | Employment Immigration |

Florida is a state that is full of immigrants from many countries. These immigrants are the backbone of many Florida businesses and are relied upon to keep their operations going. A constitutional amendment proposal regarding immigration status has recently emerged that many people will be watching.

The state Constitution Revision Commission is expected to consider putting a proposed constitutional amendment regarding immigration status on the ballot in November. The proposed constitutional amendment would require Florida businesses to verify the employment status of their new employees using E-Verify. Many businesses, including cruise line officials, agricultural interests and former pro basketball players are asking for this amendment to be halted. They believe the proposal is anti-immigration and highly flawed.

Agricultural and travel-related businesses say they have a large shortage of workers and this amendment would hurt their industries and cost Florida employers billions. The E-Verify system is known for having a large percentage of errors. The proposal will require 22 votes from the commission in order to be placed on the November ballot.

Immigration issues have become a hot political issue in recent years. Those who are immigrants in the U.S. may feel unsure of their status and scared of what may happen to them. An attorney who practices in immigration issues understands their clients may feel trepidation and they understand how important it is for their clients to remain in the U.S. An attorney can help with their clients’ immigration law issues and make sure they are well-represented with their employment needs as well.

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