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Many types of temporary visas exist for those travelling to Miami

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2017 | Employment Immigration |

Thousands of people from other countries come to Miami and cities across the United States each year. Many of these people will require a temporary visa to stay in the U.S. Under U.S. immigration law, there are many different temporary visas that a person can apply for.

Visitors to the United States who are planning to live or work temporarily need to have a non-immigrant visa. There are many different temporary visas that a person may be eligible for. One kind is the diplomatic visa. This visa is for foreign government officials and their families. Another visa is a B1 or B2 visa. A B-1 is for someone coming to the U.S. for business and B-2 is for pleasure. A C visa is for those who are traveling from one country to another through the U.S. There is also a D crewman’s visa for crewmen, crewman trainees and employees of owners of the ship.

An F-1 academic student visa is for students who are pursuing a degree full-time at a four-year college or university. A student with this visa can also work pursuant to an optional practical training (OPT) during school or for one year after graduation. There is also a M-1 vocational student visa that allows a person to study at a vocational or business school for up to 18 months. A G visa is for representatives of foreign governments and international organizations and their families. There is a T visa for someone who has been subjected to sex trafficking and a U visa for someone who has suffered tremendous physical or emotional abuse from certain types of crimes.

There are other temporary visas in addition to those listed. An immigration attorney can help a person figure out what type of visa they are eligible for and guide them through the process.

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