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U.S. immigration law: phaseout of DACA program facing challenges

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2017 | US Immigration Law |

Most Floridians have heard the news of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program being phased out. Last week we discussed the implications this may have on current DACA participants. But, like a lot of legislation, this was met with legal challenges.

Immigrant rights lawyers have issued a legal challenge to President Trump’s repeal of the DACA law. The attorneys have filed a lawsuit on behalf of a man who was born in Mexico but raised in New York since he was seven. Immigrant rights lawyers argue that immigrants rely on the DACA program to start careers and obtain work permits. They believe that the federal government cannot end a program that is long-standing and used by many people without a reasonable explanation. They also believe ending the program is discriminatory towards a certain group of people, namely Mexicans. Of those who have taken advantage of the DACA program, over 79 percent are from Mexico and 93 percent are Latino.

State attorneys in New York, California, and Washington are also planning on going to court to block the appeal. Immigrants are worried about the repeal and what it means to their future in the United States. There is currently a phase out period in Florida for the next six months, but after that period is up there is more uncertainty as to what will happen. An experienced attorney in immigration may be able to help immigrants who have questions regarding DACA and what the phase-out may mean for their situation.

Many people in Florida rely on the DACA legislation to live legally in the United States and pursue their education and work. With the recent announcement of the repeal of DACA, many are worried about their future.

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