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Brain injuries occurring without concussions or major blows

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2015 | Brain Injuries |

Many Florida residents realize that a major blow to the head requires careful monitoring to ensure that there aren’t signs of a concussion. However, dizziness and headaches in the absence of any obvious head injuries could be confusing. In such cases, brain injury might not be immediately obvious. However, it is estimated that four of every five traumatic brain injuries occur without concussions. Mild symptoms should not be ignored because they could be attributed to brain injury that has occurred due to brain inertia.

The brain’s movement inside the skull can be increased due to intense activity, especially when motion suddenly changes or stops. Milder motions like turning one’s head to look at a smartphone involve approximately 5 hertz of oscillation of the brain inside the skull. A rate of 15 hertz can cause damage if the head’s movement stops suddenly. Contact sports are estimated to facilitate an oscillation level of 20 hertz, which can be quite significant during long-lasting or frequent activities. Unfortunately, a helmet does not typically protect the internal parts of the head. However, the information obtained by researchers may promote advances in the design of protective gear for sports and other physical activities involving major movement of the head.

Because the cumulative effects of internal brain bumps could be significant, protective strategies may become more important in athletic circles. Construction trades may also find it important to monitor personal protective equipment, especially for those who handle vibrating equipment like jackhammers, which could affect movements of various body parts, including the head. Meanwhile, it is also important to consider unusual symptoms carefully when seeking medical treatment.

An individual whose traumatic brain injury has been missed in spite of serious symptoms like dizziness and headache might face more serious issues if the condition is not treated. If such a situation has occurred and led to further impairment, the victim may wish to speak to a medical malpractice attorney to determine if pursuing a claim for damages is warranted.



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