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Florida three-car accident kills one, injures two

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2014 | Car Accidents |

A three-car accident on State Road 33 in Polk City near Grimes Road killed one person and injured two others. The car accident took place about 3:00 p.m. on Dec. 25.

A vehicle stopped suddenly, causing the car behind it to brake hard to avoid hitting it. A 1999 GMC Yukon rear-ended the car that stopped suddenly and then crossed into the path of an oncoming 2009 Ford Mustang. Two people were injured in the crash, and both were airlifted to hospitals for treatment. One of the two injured people suffered serious injuries. The Mustang’s driver died at the accident scene. The two people in the car that was rear-ended had both been wearing seat belts and were not injured.

Police investigators frequently perform accident reconstructions in accidents that have resulted in fatalities or serious injuries. In this accident, the Yukon rear-ended another car. Motorists are required to follow at a safe distance that will allow them to stop without hitting the vehicle ahead of them. The police report may name the driver of the Yukon at least partially responsible for the accident.

If someone has been killed in a rear-end accident, the family of the victim might be entitled to financial compensation. A Florida personal injury lawyer might review the accident report to determine if a settlement is warranted. The insurance company may agree that the driver who rear-ended another vehicle is at fault and liable. However, the insurance company may offer a small settlement. If negotiations to do not result in a satisfactory settlement offer, it might be necessary to litigate the case in civil court.

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