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Though no injuries, truck accident closes Palmetto Expressway

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2012 | Truck Accidents |

An accident involving a truck often leaves someone suffering from injuries. But such an accident does not have to cause serious injuries to disrupt life for Miami residents. Sometimes, inattentive truck drivers can cause entire roads to shut down. This was clearly seen in a truck accident recently affecting the Palmetto Expressway.

In the midst of rush hour on Nov. 30, the expressway at the Northwest 27th Avenue overpass was shut down in both directions after a truck carrying a backhoe tried to drive underneath. An eyewitness to the Nov. 30 crash indicated that the driver did not stop, even though the backhoe was scraping the overpass hard enough to tear out chunks of the concrete on several support structures. The driver was found in violation of his permit for carrying an oversized load.

The SR 826 overpass was closed after the truck accident because of fears that it was no longer structurally sound. The damaged concrete was cut to the point of showing the iron reinforcement bars. Engineers called to the scene finally determined the overpass was structurally safe at around 8 p.m., and the Florida Highway Patrol reopened it to traffic.

Another danger from this accident that posed possible risk of injury to drivers was the risk of falling latent debris. Officials reportedly planned to begin repairs on Dec. 3, requiring lane closures that were expected to stall traffic once again.

Thankfully, this particular accident did not cause any serious injuries, but it was still a case of driver negligence. Those who find themselves in similar situations that involve injuries should know their rights regarding the recovery of compensation when negligence or distracted truck driving is involved.

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