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School board member considers suit over daughter’s fatal accident

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2012 | Personal Injury |

A member of the Miami-Dade School Board is asking for an independent investigation into an Oct. 19 car accident that took the life of her daughter. She is also considering filing a lawsuit. Families affected by fatal accidents should know that the law allows them to seek compensation for the loss of a loved one caused by the actions of another driver.

The woman’s lawyer said that she is considering bringing a lawsuit against the city of Hialeah. He claimed that a Hialeah police officer was speeding while driving an unmarked car and that his actions resulted in the deadly accident. He also claimed that officials from the city are not being forthcoming with information. In addition, he has contacted the state attorney’s office and requested that the office independently investigate the incident.

The distraught mother said that the Hialeah Police Department never contacted her about the accident. Instead, her daughter’s friends told her that her daughter had been injured and taken to the hospital. Her lawyer said that the police claimed both the daughter and her boyfriend were not wearing seat belts. However, he claimed pictures of the scene prove otherwise

A spokesman for the Hialeah Police said that they are waiting for their investigation to be concluded before making any response to the claims.

The crash occurred on the night of Oct. 19. It had been a night of celebration for the victim’s whole family to mark her 21st birthday. Police officials say the officer from the unmarked car was airlifted for treatment of his injuries while the female victim and her boyfriend were taken to the hospital by ground. Apparently the officer and the boyfriend survived.

Among the questions being asked by the family of the dead victim is why the officer, who allegedly “was visibly far less injured” than the young woman, was airlifted for care when she was not.

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