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Acceleration problems continue to plague Toyota

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2012 | Products Liability |

Owners of some models of Lexus SUVs, manufactured by Toyota, may want to bring their car to the shop before any summer road trips this year. According to reports, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is seeking a recall of over 150,000 Lexus SUVs for dangerous and defective products that are causing problems with unexpected acceleration.

Reports suggest that the floor mats in some of these SUVs are getting stuck and trapping the gas pedal, causing the car to speed up quickly and unexpectedly. Problems with acceleration have led to many recalls of Toyota cars since 2009 because of sticky gas pedals and problematic floor mats.

When it comes to defective parts in cars, the consequences can be terrifying and fatal. Imagine driving down the road and suddenly find yourself behind the wheel of a speeding car, without knowing how to stop. Often, this kind of defect can lead to a devastating crash as drivers are not in control of the car.

While owners of Lexus SUVs may want to have their vehicle checked out before a road trip, owners that are specifically affected by this latest recall will receive a letter in early August. They will also be able to have their car fixed for no charge.

In the meantime, the NHTSA has raised concerns about the response from Toyota. According to reports, Toyota had received a substantial number of complaints regarding this latest acceleration problem, but they may not have notified the NHTSA in a timely manner. Whether Toyota responded to the complaints in a timely and responsible manner is currently being discussed. If they did not meet their obligation to keep consumers safe from defective products, Toyota could face serious consequences.

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