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Woman injured on cruise ship is awarded settlement

On Behalf of | May 24, 2011 | Cruise Ship Injuries |

Cruise ships are intended to be a one-stop vacation for passengers. There are a number of exciting activities to do and places to see. But for some individuals, cruises are not the relaxing vacation they may have hoped for.

A cruise ship injury can quickly change a passenger’s experience, especially if the injury is serious and the passenger has to wait for help. Nearly two years ago, a woman had been on a cruise ship when she slipped and fell on the pool deck. Then just recently she was awarded a multi-million settlement to compensate her for her injuries.

Back in 2009, she had been aboard a cruise ship that had recently installed a specific type of pool deck with a resin surface. There had already been previous incidents where passengers reported slipping and falling on this same type of deck.

The woman suffered a serious injury to her knee that required six surgeries. Even with those operations, her knee has not healed and she will likely need multiple knee replacements. No doubt her injury has caused her a lot of unnecessary and unwanted pain and money.

Passengers of cruise ships who are injured because of the cruise ship’s negligence can seek compensation for injuries. The cruise ship did admit that it was at fault after it was discovered that the cruise ship line had known the slippery pool deck had caused others to fall.

This incident is an example of how an injury can impact a person physically and financially. This woman will have to deal with her knee injury for the rest of her life. But in addition, she has a lot of expenses for medical treatments and procedures. Though the settlement she was recently awarded will not reverse her injury, it will help her financially with past and future medical and living expenses.

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