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Members of a Florida Family Killed in Crash After Tire Blows Out

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2010 | Wrongful Death |

The death of a loved one can cause significant pain and suffering, especially for family members. But imagine losing five members of your family in one moment, in a fatal accident. It can be hard to deal with, especially if the wrongful death was caused by someone else’s carelessness.

In Flagler County, Florida, this past weekend, five people were killed in a car accident and four more were injured. The crash occurred after the driver of an SUV lost control of the vehicle when a tire blew out. All nine were family members. There is no information yet as to what caused the tire to blow out.

Some causes for a tire blow out include low tire pressure, gashes in the tire itself, or hazardous debris in the roads. However, one question that could be raised is whether the tire was a faulty product to begin with. If the tire manufacturer made a defective tire, the tire should not have been on the vehicle.

If it is discovered that the tire manufacturer should have caught the faulty tire before it was put on the car, they could be found negligent. If that is the case, the surviving family members could be entitled to compensation for the wrongful death of their loved ones.

Money can never replace family members. But during this difficult time, financial compensation can help take care of things like funeral expenses and lost wages. The article does not state the relationship between the victims of the crash, except that they were family. Money damages can help take care of the financial stress so that the family can mourn the loss of their loved ones.

A tire blow out can be both unexpected and dangerous, resulting in serious damage and injury. For this family however, it was fatal.

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